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This isn’t an easy post to write. Not because of the contents but because of the lack of contents. Some ancestors just don’t want to come out to play. They make it beyond difficult to find them, much less track their movement across country. There are lots of unknowns in this narrative, but that is just part of the challenge and fun of finding your personal family history.

Previously I had written about the Lewis family and their movement from Wales to the great city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can read that post here: Steel City.

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I had plans to write more about the Lewis family. However, a text message from the son of the mister’s cousin changed my direction and topic for the weekly post. I will get to the rest of the Lewis story soon but in the meantime, enjoy this high-flying tale!


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This morning I sit here peering out of my window waiting for the words to come. I can see the University of Phoenix stadium in the distance and I am sad that my adopted Arizona Cardinal team wasn’t able to make it to the Super Bowl this year. I am even more disappointed that my first love, The Pittsburgh Steelers, aren’t there either. This morning I don’t know who will be named the premier team of the year, but by the time you see this tomorrow, we all will know.

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