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I am always tickled when I hear people say “Start your genealogy journey by writing down what you know about you, then your parents and then your grandparents.” Wow, that seems simple enough doesn’t it? But for some, it just isn’t that easy. With the exception of those children that are adopted most of us probably do know that “basic” information. But getting beyond the basic can prove to be difficult, if not impossible. Enter that stomach-turning, anxiety-creating term…. The Brick Wall. I think everyone that researches their family tree long enough is bound to find at least one brick wall. But perseverance, creative thinking (and researching) as well as endurance will help to break through and hopefully break down those walls.

Basic Information

Some years ago when I began digging further into my mother’s family I quickly hit ¬†just such a wall when I asked “What are your great grandparent’s names.” Oh the blank looks and the sounds of crickets….Lots of crickets.

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