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I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to receive gifts. I know I do, but I oftentimes find it more rewarding to be the giver than the receiver. Or is that the gifter than the giftee?  I don’t know but you get the point. Pressies are nice and we should all make an effort to share either by being a thoughtful gift giver or a grateful recipient as they are equally important.

Every now and then…..

I am the fortunate recipient of a thoughtful, unique and useful gift. One that the giver put some thought into about who I am what makes me tick. And that makes me smile. This Christmas I received just such an item. Olive oil. Yes, olive oil.

Being married to a man with Sicilian heritage you quickly learn that there are some important rules in the kitchen. Like making your own ravioli….by the hundreds of dozens or calling the spaghetti sauce “gravy” and never, ever take an Italian or a Sicilian out to eat at a restaurant chain with “Olive” in it’s name. But most important is that the men can cook and they know that the beginning of nearly every worthy Italian dish is quality olive oil. Whether you use it to saute’ onions and peppers, drizzle on your spinach or make chocolate cake, this golden green elixir is the essence of being Italian.

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and should write a book. Well, I don’t know about this writing a book business, but what the heck. Let me see what I can do about writing a bit of a blog. I was the proud recipient of this fine fortune some time ago and it seems like a good time to act upon it. So let’s do it!

Today I was so kindly flattered with the offer of a full time job. Yay me! But this isn’t something that I want to take on right now. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to stay home and “do my thing” and I plan on continuing that. I have been working since about the age of 13,  starting out doing lawns and other odd jobs. Nearly 35 years on, it is nice to sleep in (I don’t), lay around (I don’t) and eat bon-bons (I don’t). But I do have those options. It is a feeling of freedom that defies description. And yet…..I do have these pangs of guilt knowing that my husband is still working and working hard. Getting up early and suffering from perpetual lack of sleep. Being beat on by corporate craziness driven by endless HR initiated insanity. However, he kindly reassures me that it is comforting to him to know that everything is in my capable hands and all he has to do is show up. Perspective is a beautiful thing and he is a beautiful soul.

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